Kristen Lienhart, M.D.

I was born in North Little Rock, Arkansas, the eldest daughter of James and Marilynn Lienhart.  My family owns a commercial charter bus company that was established during World War II by my grandfather, Henry August Lienhart.  Faith, family, education and hard work have been ingrained in me since childhood.  My parents always wanted more for me than they were afforded, but never allowed me to forget my roots.  I did everything from cleaning buses (inside and out) and changing upholstery to running errands and bookkeeping up until 2005.

I went to grade school at St. Edward’s Catholic School in downtown Little Rock.  One of the oldest churches and schools in the state, it was erected by German immigrants in the 1880s.  All 6 children of Henry A. and Catherine Lienhart attended St. Edward’s.  The principal of 33 years, Sr. Hermana Siebenmorgan, referred to me as “Little Lienhart.” St. Edward’s abuts MacArthur Park and museum, so I have been a history buff for as long as I can remember.  I have many fond memories of wonderful teachers, bazaar days, cinnamon rolls and $0.25 chocolate milk at recess.  I later went to high school at Mount St. Mary Academy (MSM), an all-girls’ high school where all 4 aunts and even great-aunts attended.  I wrote a letter to my future self in the ninth grade, stating that I would graduate “valevictorian.”  Yes, valevictorian.  In fact, I managed to be cheerleading captain and valedictorian all rolled into one.  I had a fabulous history teacher, Ms. Mary Logan, whose passion for history and love of culture, adventure and travel were infectious.  I had the fortunes of having a supportive grandmother who financed school trips to Europe, Central America and Russia (then the USSR).  I still keep in touch with Ms. Logan and even traveled with her and a MSM group to China the summer of 2014.  I received an academic scholarship and Arkansas Challenge Scholarship to attend the University of Central Arkansas and received a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in History.

I have been at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) since 2001.  I completed medical school and residency at UAMS and have been on staff since 2009.  I have been chief resident, vice president of the resident council and now associate program director since 2013.  I enjoy mentoring students of various ages (undergraduate, medical students, resident physicians), educating the public about medicine and anesthesia in general, and volunteering at both Holy Souls Catholic Church and school as well as at the state Capitol.  I am my patients’ and residents’ biggest cheerleader and advocate.  I enjoy teaching the future physician anesthesiologists of the state of Arkansas and beyond.

Most importantly, I am the proud mother of two young boys, Jacob and James, and wife of Chad Gossett for 13 years.  Each and every day I count the many blessings for what the good Lord has granted.  I never take one day or one patient encounter for granted.  I am honored and privileged to be a physician anesthesiologist at UAMS.

Kristen Lienhart, M.D.