The Department of Anesthesiology hosts several groups of rotating students. Third year students, enrolled in the Surgical Subspecialty course, spend a week rotating through the Anesthesiology department, among others, in which they receive hands-on experience in the various techniques associated with the practice of Anesthesiology, including perhaps most importantly: intubation techniques. For fourth year students, we offer two courses which provide more extensive hands-on experience with the same Anesthesiology techniques: Introduction to Clinical Anesthesia (UANEE), and Critical Care (UANEJ).

Anesthesiologist in the OR

Students enrolled in Intro to Clinical Anesthesia will be provided the most complete and intensive pre-grad level Anesthesiology experience available at UAMS, by spending four weeks rotating exclusively through areas of the Anesthesiology department, one week at a time. The areas include: Pediatric Anesthesia, OB Anesthesia, Pain Management, and the main OR. The schedule can be modified to suit the students’ needs, but the flexibility of the schedule will depend on the number of students enrolled.

The Critical Care rotation also provides a month of focused anesthesiology experience, including a week of Pediatric Anesthesia, but focuses primarily on the areas related to Critical Care Anesthetics. In addition to this, our pediatric facility (ACH) offers a Pediatric Anesthesiology course which provides a full month exclusively dedicated to learning the techniques associated with Anesthetics for pediatric patients.

We offer a limited number of fourth year rotations (Introduction to Clinical Anesthesiology and Critical Care)  for students from other LCME accredited medical schools. These students must have a minimum of 220 on the USMLE Step 1 or 550 on the COMLEX Level 1.  These are filled through the AAMC Visiting Student Application Service at

For further information on all the academic opportunities offered at UAMS, please feel free to contact the Deans Office @ (501)686-5348.