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If you are scheduled for surgery, your surgeon or their office will send your name to the Anesthesiology Perioperative Evaluation Clinic (APEC). The goal of the APEC is to ensure that you are ready for surgery.

Your chart will be reviewed by an anesthesiologist or advanced practice registered nurse. Using information you have already provided to your surgeon, your medical history will be evaluated. Our APEC nurses will call you to ask you some medical questions over the phone. Depending on your medical history and your surgeon’s recommendations, additional testing may be ordered including lab work (blood tests, urine tests, lung tests, etc.), EKG testing of your heart, X-rays, or other tests. Furthermore, a consultation visit may be required with a cardiologist or other primary care physician.

Helpful information to have available when you are called by the Anesthesia Perioperative Evaluation Clinic would include a list of your current medications, your pacemaker or heart stent information card, information regarding recent tests such as EKGs or notes from your outside primary doctor, cardiologist, or any other specialty doctor involved in your care as well as their contact information.

Our preoperative anesthesiologists and nurses will be available to answer any questions you have about anesthesia and the surgical process.

Please feel free to contact us regarding your surgery at the following phone number: 501-603-1211 Monday – Friday (excluding holidays) 8:00-6:00 pm.

Please leave a message with call back number if your call is not answered.