The Division of Pediatric Anesthesiology at Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH) supports a total of four pediatric anesthesia fellows per year. Positions are currently available for the 2019-2020 academic year. We are interested in candidates entering their CA-4 year or beyond, who have a special interest in pediatric anesthesia, cardiac pediatric anesthesia, pain medicine, and perioperative care of children. Additional experience or training in pediatrics is desirable, but not required. In 2012-2013, pediatric anesthesia fellowship programs entered the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP).

Download  a FAQ regarding the Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship Match for the Academic Year 2018-2019.

New this year to our Program is the use of ERAS.  All applications will be submitted through ERAS until August 31, 2018.



All applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Applicants must have completed an ACGME accredited core anesthesiology residency program.
  • Ability to carry out the duties as required of the Pediatric Anesthesiology fellowship program.
  • The ability to reside continuously in the U.S. for the length of training.
  • Not more than 5 years elapsed since completion of medical school training or 2 years away from the clinical practice of medicine as a physician.
  • A passing score on the USMLE step 1, step 2 and step 3 exams.
  • Proficient in the English language to include reading printed and cursive English, writing (printing) English text, understanding spoken English on conversational and medical topics, and speaking English on conversational and medical topics as determined by the program director and/or selection committee.
  • Applicants in-training exam (ITE) scores weigh heavily on the likelihood of obtaining an interview or position within the fellowship program.
  • Meet one of the following qualifications:
    • Graduate of a medical school in the United States or Canada accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME).
    • Graduate of a college of osteopathic medicine in the United States or in Canada accredited by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA).
    • Graduate of medical school outside the United States who has completed a Fifth Pathway program provided by an LCME-accredited medical school.
    • A graduate who holds a full and unrestricted license to practice medicine in a US licensing jurisdiction
    • Graduate of a medical school outside the United States or Canada with the following qualifications:
      • A currently valid certificate from the Education Committee for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG),
      • or A full and unrestricted license to practice medicine in a US licensing jurisdiction


Applications are reviewed weekly for eligibility and completion by the program coordinator. The following information must be received in ERAS before the application will be considered and before an applicant is considered for an interview:

  1. A completed, signed application form
  2. Curriculum vitae (CV)
  3. Documentation of valid ECFMG certificate (if applicable)
  4. Personal statement
  5. Passport style photograph
  6. Three letters of recommendation (two of which must be by the Chair of the applicant’s anesthesiology department and the residency director of his/her residency program)
  7. Most recent ITE score

Once an applicant has been found to meet minimal selection criteria, the program coordinator contacts him/her by e-mail or telephone to schedule an interview.

An applicant invited for an interview should review and be familiar with the terms, conditions and benefits of appointment (and employment) including financial support, vacation, professional leave, parental leave, sick leave, professional liability insurance, hospital and health insurance, disability insurance, and other insurance benefits for the resident and their family, and conditions under which living quarters, meals and laundry or the equivalents are provided. Applicants can access this information through the UAMS Resident Handbook.

  1. The interview consists of a full day of one-on-one interviews with faculty, tours of the ACH facilities, and meetings (including lunch) with the fellows and residents at the program.
  2. The faculty who interact with the applicant will complete a form that evaluates the applicant for communication skills, motivation, maturity and other attributes apparent in the interview.
  3. Criteria for selection:
    1. Review and confirmation of eligibility requirements
    2. Performance on standardized medical tests
    3. Overall academic performance in medical school
    4. Recent clinical training or experience
    5. Demonstrated ability to choose goals and complete the tasks necessary to achieve those goals
    6. Maturity and emotional stability
    7. Honesty, integrity and reliability
    8. Lack of history of drug or alcohol abuse
    9. Motivation to pursue a career in the specialty of pediatric anesthesiology
    10. Prior research and publication experience
    11. Verbal and written communication skills
    12. Letters of recommendation from faculty
    13. The ability to reside continuously in the US for the length of the training
  4. Following the interview, the Program Selection Committee, composed of faculty in the division of pediatric anesthesiology, reviews the applicant’s file and written interview evaluations and ranks the applicant based on the criteria above.
  5. Following discussion and decision by the Program Selection Committee, the Program Director will follow appropriate steps as outlined by the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP), including the ranking of applicants in the NRMP system which reflects the number of positions available in the training program. Applicants will learn of their acceptance into the program through the NRMP website on match day which can also be found on the NRMP website. Once applicants are matched, letters of acceptance will be sent out as early as feasible to accommodate both the applicant and the program.


Upon verification by the Program Director that the applicant has met eligibility requirements, completed the application process and been selected according to established criteria, the applicant will begin the process of appointment and registration with the College of Medicine. An applicant is considered fully appointed and registered only after all of the following documents have been completed and returned to the Director of Housestaff Records. Once the Director of Housestaff Records has received all the documents, the applicant is registered in the payroll system to receive a stipend and may begin the fellowship program.

  1. Documentation of a negative drug test
  2. Completion of a background check (contact program coordinator for directions)
  3. Verification of successful graduation if previously anticipated (e.g., final transcript, letter from Registrar, copy of diploma, currently valid ECFMG certificate, if applicable)
  4. All of the following with valid signature:
    1. Resident Agreement of Appointment (contract)
    2. Medical Records Agreement
    3. Attestation acknowledging receipt of GME Committee policies and procedures
    4. Confidential Practitioner Health Questionnaire
    5. Employee Drug Free Awareness Statement
    6. Housestaff Medical Screening Form
    7. Post Doctoral Medical Education Biographical Form
    8. Copy of currently valid ECFMG certificate and valid visa (if applicable)


Contact Us:
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